SEO (2013) Step by Step Guide

SEO Step by Setp Guide

SEO 2013 Step by Step GuideBefore you 'll begin the SEO method for a keyword, you need to 1st choose the landing page you hope can rank for the phrase. In most instances, the most effective landing page to pick out for Google is found with the subsequent query: keyword phrase. this may show you what page from your website Google considers to be the foremost relevant for the keyword. If you choose to make a spanking new page for the targeted phrase, then you must utilize the keyword within the file name. Once you have got elect the landing page you 'll then begin the subsequent program improvement method.

SEO Step by Setp Guide

Phase one – Optimize your Landing Page (On-Page SEO)
  • Use keyword phrase within the Title tag. Phrase ought to finish at intervals 1st seventy characters.
  • Use keyword phrase in Meta Description. Phrase ought to finish at intervals 1st 156 characters.
  • Use keyword phrase in tag if there 's one.
  • The keyword phrase ought to be employed in the page 's text-based body content a minimum of doubly. On pages over five hundred words long, make certain that keyword density is a minimum of one.5% (but no over half dozen or 7%). Keyword usage ought to be equally distributed throughout the page.

Phase a pair of – Internal Off-Page SEO
  • Identify extra pages on your website which will even be optimized for targeted keyword phrase.
  • Once the support page(s) has been known, maximize the link connexion passed on to the landing page by: a) victimisation the keyword phrase in page Title and Meta Description, b) victimisation the keyword phrase in non-hyperlinked body content, and c) hyperlinking one instance of the keyword phrase to the supposed landing page.
  • Maximize the quantity of best internal links to your landing page. Vary the anchor text planning to your landing page by victimisation slight variations of the keyword phrase (e.g. singular/plural, synonyms, long tail keywords or key variations )
  • This section is extended by making a lot of pages support the landing page. however unless you have got considerably fewer pages than your competition, then you 'd most likely be higher served to maneuver on to section three.

Phase three – External Off-Page SEO (Link Building)

After you have got optimized as several of your pages as doable and coupled them to your landing page, you must then march on to external link building. there 's no straightforward in small stages method for this section. you 'll need to verify a way to create your content a lot of linkable so you 'll develop links naturally. you must additionally analysis your competition to seek out the foremost relevant links to your landing page. Keep the subsequent pointers in mind as you are trying to create external links for Google program optimization:

SEO (2013) Step by Step Guide

  • Always request quality rather than amount. specialize in finding pages that square measure relevant for your targeted keyword.
  • The best link from a third party website is that the same as AN best link from one among your own pages. The targeted keyword phrase can ideally be within the Title and Meta Description, body content and also the linking anchor text.
  • Avoid site-wide (i.e. global, run-of-site) links altogether circumstances. this is often AN particularly necessary guideline if the location isn 't keyword-relevant. Your landing page can over seemingly get filtered for the targeted keyword unless you have got top quality links to legitimatize the connection.
  • Brainstorm link bait or link magnet concepts so inward links can hopefully develop naturally.
  • Unfortunately, the foremost relevant links square measure solely gettable by providing AN incentive to the location house owners. Advertising relationships, partnerships and bartering prospects ought to be explored to get the foremost valuable links.
  • Do not pay money for a link from a non-relevant website unless it 's vital traffic potential.
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